Where To Find


Head to the newly opened Amstelpassage at the eastside of Amsterdam Central Station and step into Lil’ Amsterdam Central Station.

Lil’ Amsterdam Central Station is located in the ‘Amstelpassage’. The Amstelpassage is one of the five passages that Amsterdam Central Station houses. These passages are situated underneath the platforms from the city centre to the IJ.

With your nose headed to Amsterdam Central Station and your back turned towards the city centre, you can find Lil’ Amsterdam Central Station in the Amstelpassage as the second entrance from the right, above the exit of the metro. Heading inside, the Amstelpassage is situated at your left side.

Regular opening hours Lil’ Amsterdam Central Station
7 days a week, from 11am - 7pm

Lil’ Amsterdam Central Station is housed in a world famous, iconic building, bursting with history and located at one of the busiest traffic junctions of the country: Amsterdam Central Station. It is the beating heart of our capital and, not unimportant, easily accessible – the most accessible location in town, we dare to say - which makes Lil’ Amsterdam Central Station for each and everyone to see, visit and experience.