Urkes Hair

Think about this for a moment. Hair, music and fashion play a major role in pop culture. A lot of popular musicians influenced fashion and hairstyles over the years. In past generations. Kurt Cobain with long hair, in flannel shirt and ripped jeans. Madonna made teens in the 80’s wearing lace and hair ribbons. And of course Michael Jackson with his wet curls, white socks and gloves. Do I need to go on? But here’s something really interesting: your style can also transform your live performances. You re-invent yourself. You get to write your story. When you fix your hair, step into those clothes, it’s not just about your look. A feeling hits you and it changes everything. Your attitude. The way you walk. You’re a better version of yourself. All of this made Urkes Hair start to combine these three elements in one brand and how nice is it to do this with family in Amsterdam @ Lil' Amsterdam CS. Urkes Hair will let you experience all of these three elements in family setting.