the new originals

The New Originals (TNO) is a clothing brand that focuses on ‘performance clothes for creatives’. Under the TNO flag we collaborate with multiple agencies in the arts and culture, fashion and music sector. The 9-Dots logo of the brand refers to an old mystery in which the 9 dots must be connected to each other, which is only possible by thinking out of the box.

TNO opens the doors of pop-up store in Lil ’Amsterdam. Special releases from the collection are available here, we release collaborations and the entire space has been designed and built by the artist collective "Indebt".

Amsterdam is the breeding ground of TNO, the brand originates here and always carries the DNA of the city with it, both in the Netherlands and abroad. The inspiration from the art and culture of Amsterdam is therefore inseparably linked to TNO. 

With styles like "CREATIVES ARE THE NEW ATHLETES", the "CLOUD 9 JACKET" and more, different drops will be released.