Sella Molenaar

Studio Sella Molenaar is an initiative by Amsterdam based fashion illustrator Sella Molenaar. Sella worked for major brands like Dolce & Gabbana, H&M, L’officiël and many more. Fashion, the female figure and the people surrounding her are her main sources of inspiration. Always captured in a perfectly imperfect way, balancing between control and technique and intuitive lines, pure simplicity and infinite freedom. It’s the little accidents, the white (non) spaces and unpolished brushstrokes that make her illustrations come alive.

In this pop-up studio Sella will create a place for creativity, connection and inspiration. Organizing workshops and events, exhibiting and selling original art works, inviting other artists and (co-) creating work. The visitors and inhabitants of Lil’ Amsterdam will be her inspiration and soundboard, resulting in a constantly growing exhibition of works created on the spot. Feel welcome to visit her while working or join Sella in one of her workshops to get creative yourself!