In 2005, Reza found his passion for collecting sneakers. Inspired by the sneakerhead community, he figured out why he should turn his dream into reality. So in 2017, he started to create the timeless streetwear label he has always been looking for. 

"I like to create pieces as easy as I can, I just love what I do. Because it makes me happy." Some time went by and Nilofar Attahi, Gia-Tinh Lam joined the team. Sharing the same core vision, the brand was reimagend. The message and attitude is what brought us together and resonates a lot to this day. We just love what we do. 

We will continue our journey step by step, improving along the way. We aim to create timeless qualitative pieces you can wear today and in ten years. 

Time ticks, but we don't.