MY-OH-MY is a female fashion brand that offers non-seasonable garments, accessories and jewelry. 

MY-OH-MY was founded in July 2013 in the small city of Amsterdam by two sisters, Nathifa & Ahisha. It all started when Nathifa decided to customize her own clothes. We presented the first collection at a festival and by our surprise the collection was sold out at the end of the day. After the first festival, that’s when it started rolling, from one festival to the next festival, to an online webshop, to opening stores.

The MY-OH-MY POP UP STORE is a showroom where you can shop, meet and inspire each other. We have created a space for individuals searching for something real and authentic to be a part of and to ultimately make them feel amazing. MY-OH-MY celebrates the power of strong women by creating a lifestyle. We are building a community by giving workshops and events to uplift each other. 

MY-OH-MY believes that everyone deserves to feel unique, self assured and special. 

Wherever you are going, dressed in MY-OH-MY you will feel like you can take over the world without being afraid to be yourself.