Melanin Beauty Cosmetics

Cherlane Meijnaar is a thirty eight old entrepeneur who workes for almost ten plus years in the black hair business. She started working in different cosmetic shops where she gained knowledge and experience. Her dream of having her own cosmetic shop always kept wandering in her mind for years. This year she made her dream come true by opening Melanin Beauty Cosmetics. 

Cherlanes years of experience, passionate and cheerful spirit makes it easy for her to give people the right advice for their hairtexture. Melanin Beauty Cosmetics has haircare for all hairtypes from wavy till kinky hair, which find difficulty in finding the right products for their hair. The supply in the local drugstores does not meet the needs for textured hair and is mostly for colored and european hair. Cherlane wants to make it possible for a wide range of costumers to find a product that works for them , especially in a black owned shop were they can identify themselves and embrace their own unique hair and skintone. Melanin stands for pigment that gives humans their own skin, hair and eye color. With her slogan 'be your own kind of beautiful' she would like to stimulate everyone to rock their hair the way they like it. 

In the store you can find products with organic oils and without harmful ingredients such as parabens and sulfates. The products stimulate hair growth and healthy hair. Cherlane also makes handmade costum bonnets, wigs and hairpieces in different colors and styles. 

Entering the store you will expierence a motown vibe and can swing on old classics of different artist of the 70, 80's and 90'. Cherlane will be at the store every day to advise and inspire all her costumers. The sky is the limit.