Red Square Gallery

Marjolein van der Klaauw is a Dutch photographer who travels the world capturing people and places with rawness and innocence. With a background in cultural studies and a huge interest in the why’s and how’s of life, she transforms the cultures around her in rather colourful and honest visuals.

Life is pretty good and there’s no need to take it too seriously. With her oldschool analog camera in tow Van der Klaauw captures people in an utterly relaxed state of being. On the beach, in the streets, every photograph depicts a genuine moment.

Pieter Bas Bouwman (b. 1990, Port Chester, New York) moved to the Netherlands at a young age, where he spent the rest of his childhood in The Hague. A central theme often explored in Pieter Bas Bouwman’s work is the relationship and the (im)balance between nature and humans. This often appears in his photographs of imprisoned animals, destroyed and decayed buildings, or any other traces of human intervention in nature. This strongly relates to the transience and fleeting character of things; of life itself, the passage of time, of man-made structures and of nature and the world itself, that is slowly disappearing due to human intervention. This transience and fleetingness is visually translated by a blurriness that suggests rapid movement and dynamics. This often goes together with a certain nostalgic and melancholic feeling for that which is lost, and for that which will be lost eventually.

Friso Boven is a freelancer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands specialized in creative photography and design solutions to boost brand awareness. "With a camera, pencil or computer i love to help people, come up with creative ideas and soutions."