Makers Match

Makers Match

By introducing the experience of craftsmanship, Makers Match wants to bring the craftsmen to the people by recreating the essence of authentic workshops from local makers to Amsterdam Central Station. At Lil’ Amsterdam, you can experience letterpress and goldsmith workspace environments. You see how the craftsmen prepare their work - from original sketches, moulds and mock ups - to the final pieces. And you can attend one-hour mini workshops or even print your custom made cards on-the-go. Let’s introduce to you our craftsmen:

Letterpress Amsterdam

With more than 40 years of experience, Thomas Gravemaker founded Letterpress. You can participate letterpress workshops or cocreate your custom made prints. Learn more about Letterpress in Amsterdam


Everything that grows and flourishes, is where the inspiration for Oogst begins. Founded in Amsterdam in 2008 by goldsmiths Ellen Philippen and Lotte Porrio, Oogst designs and crafts nature-inspired jewellery and accessories. Check out some of their work: