GIBBON is a rental marketplace for travelers that enables travelers to travel light and easy. We provide packs of outfits and other travel related accessories for inbound travelers to Amsterdam, so that it is able to travel luggage-less. At the Lil' Amsterdam pop-up, GIBBON will also be acting as a logistical pick-up and luggage drop-off point for travelers who wish to travel hassle-free while in the Netherlands. To serve the colder Winter months, GIBBON will be hosting cosy open music sessions with a free flow of coffee, tea and great conversations in-store. 

GIBBON will be serving the needs of inbound travelers who have inadequate items for their travels in Amsterdam. We have chosen Amsterdam as the first major city in Europe for the pop-up's launch due to its logistical convenience and unique focus on sustainability. As a rental marketplace, it is our mission to ensure that the process of travel is kept light on the shoulders, as well as on the environment. GIBBON does more than provide rental of garments to travelers. We connect excess inventory from retailers and brands to travelers pre- and during their trip, ensuring that unused or unsold garments have an extended lifecycle beyond their selling dates. As a centralised point in Europe, Amsterdam forms a pivotal part of how we are able to tweak our offerings for our users better, as a big part about traveling in the Netherlands is how essential it is to understand the weather and how temperamental it is. The last thing that a traveler would want is being caught in the crossfire of a storm with not enough outerwear to combat the winds and rains.