De Passanten

In the temporary living room of Passanten you will meet a collective of five urban cultural nomads: artists, teachers and creative speakers who care for the magic of encounters. 

NT2 Café is more than just a language school. Aside from the regular dutch lessons, it offers activities such as dutch karaoke sessions, thematic meet-ups and proverb-learning dinners.
Bea Spreekt is all about encounter and expression. Bea offers voice and speech coaching, workshops in spoken word and unique story experiences, which you can also offer a loved one as a gift.

People with poor job prospects meet and learn to produce new materials out of used textiles at Tot op de Draad: a sustainable fabric studio with an eye for community service.
Where and when does observation turn into participation? The art of RBD-ART reworks (your) history by exploring the boundaries between memory, intimacy and voyeurism.
Finally, the in-house philosopher of Bureau De Filosoof hosts reading groups, feminist philosophy sessions and philosophical conversations.

Join the Passanten collective for the magic of encounters – in the one and only nomadic living room of Amsterdam Central Station at Lil’ Amsterdam (Amstel Passage)!