Daily Traces

Do you like art? Then check out the live drawing project Daily Traces. Drawing is the most direct discipline in the visual arts. It is surprising and diverse what professional drawing artists achieve with paper, pencil, colored pencil, chalk, ink and charcoal.
Emmy Bergsma, Marleen Kappe, Liesje van den Berk, Mirna Limon and Cathelijn van Goor - five inquisitive artists who love the experiment – show, in the month of January, a selection of their drawings in the pop-up gallery and make new work on the spot. In these daily new drawings they respond to each other and provide an insight into their own, individual approach. Regular guest artists will join.
All five are very active in their profession. Their drawings can regularly be seen in museums, galleries and project spaces at home and abroad. All works shown are for sale, including the work that is daily made during this period.
In case you don’t have a lil' time to swing in, you can follow the project on Facebook: Daily Traces at Central Station in Amsterdam.

Daily Traces is partly made possible by Sandvoort Gallery.