Daily Paper

In 2010, Somali, Ghanaian and Moroccan cultures united. By three men with different African roots, raised in the same city: Amsterdam. The place where they met. The place where they became friends. And the place where they translated their vision of cultural evolution into contemporary fashion, into ‘Daily Paper’. However, Africa is their true foundation. The fashion brand aims to capture and perpetuate the diversity of African cultures with a modernised approach. The three designers draw inspiration from their heritage and dream about possibilities.

Each collection starts with a story. A story about their motherland, a story about people. Whether these are individuals, tribes, civilisations, their ideas, customs or behaviour.

A story about regions, hidden lands and countries. It’s about their beauty, diversity and uniqueness. The three men combine the essence of these cultures with their passion for daily modern streetwear and knowledge of global fashion trends. Creating a cultural evolution.