Black bananas

Black Bananas is a combination of steel and casual sportswear. Its clothing is designed to be comfortable but fashionable. 

Black Bananas started with the creation of the transformer monkey. The logo and mascot of black bananas. The transformer monkey is not like your ordinary monkey. In fact the transformer monkey is the complete opposite. 

With the transformer monkey we want to change the basic perspective of monkey’s. It’s NOT ‘Monkey see monkey do. But ‘Monkey see monkey boost. The transformer monkey radiates what Black Bananas stands for, strength, power, leadership, no fear, braveness and confidence. The transformer monkey is a real cool kid. 

Our purpose is to motivate and inspire. Everything is possible. Don’t sit around and sleep on your dreams, make them happen. The only key is to be yourself and the rest will follow. Be the monkey of your own story.