Bas Kosters

Bas Kosters is a Dutch fashion designer and artist. Freshly graduated, with a Master Degree in Fashion Design from ArtEZ (2003), he set off on a thrilling safari into the world of fashion. However, it only takes one look at his outspoken, colourful and remarkably consistent body of work to see that his stories go way beyond clothing propositions.

From his own Bas Kosters Studio, the world of Bas Kosters is shaped, not only with fashion and costume design, but also with graphics and illustrations, installations and performance art, commercial creative collaborations and much more. Bas’ work is inextricably linked to him as a person. There is no plan, no marketing, no ego: just his natural born enthusiasm and genuine engagement with the world as it is.

Bas is an indisputable and indelible part of Amsterdam’s culture, and therefore the wonderful world of the Bas Kosters Studio will now get a little sibling in the heart of Amsterdam. In Lil’ Amsterdam we will open the Lil’ Bas Kosters Studio. Showing everything that the Bas Kosters Studio holds, but on a more modest scale. The shop will serve as a gallery, workplace, mini museum, store and little event space in the coming months. Original artworks, vintage treasures and collectibles, unique pieces and the Bas Kosters collection: everyone can now take a piece of the Bas Kosters Studio home.